How do you stop yourself from loving someone?
How do you let them go?
How do you stop this pain inside ...
How do you make it go?

We both want different things it seems,
we never can agree.
Nothing I say or do seems right ...
I think I'm losing ME.

If I love you the way that I know how,
you say I'm in your face.
So I hold myself back and resentment grows
when I give you your space.

I want what everybody wants,
a love that is honest and true.
But all we have is a part-time love
that leaves me feeling blue.

I'll kiss you goodbye, hold you close
and then slowly walk away.
Because if I stay and live this way
I'll hate you a bit more each day.

So to stop the tears and ease the pain
you have to tell me true ...
If you love me, make the pain disappear.
Tell me how to stop loving you.

||©Monique Cole||
(Used with permission)

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