My cat approached me this afternoon
and gave me a disapproving glance.
I immediately wondered what I had done
to deserve her disdain, by chance.

I racked my brain trying to remember
what it was I might have done.
I couldn't think of a single thing
nope, not a single one.

She made it clear, however
that I had done her wrong.
Then she proceeded to show me
what I should have known all along.

She led me into the kitchen
and jumped into an empty grocery bag.
Her outraged look spoke volumes,
there was no need for her to nag.

I apologized to her profusely,
for neglecting her once more.
I had forgotten tuna, treats and toys
while at the grocery store.

She forgave me after a moment,
she knew I wouldn't forget again soon.
Then she settled down into the bag
to nap away the afternoon.

||Susan Orloski - April, 2004
(All Rights Reserved)

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