Grinning Jack-O-Lanterns

Sky as black as midnight,
leaves swirling all around,
I stand completely still;
was that a moaning sound?
A few stars in the sky
start twinkling overhead,
and soon I realise...
there's nothing at all to dread.
Black cat on the fence,
owl up high in a tree,
two lit jack-o-lantenrs...
grinning back at me.
There's the sound of laughter,
costumed creatures running about.
I hear trick-or-treat
as they begin to shout.
The children are so happy
as they gather up their treats,
flitting between the houses
up and down the streets.
The scene brings back memories
of many Halloweens spent this way.
Candy, fun and make-believe...
any childs favorite day.

||©Susan Orloski - All Rights Reserved||

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