Tonight we go trick-or-treating!
The excitement is more than I can stand.
I've gotten all dressed up in my costume,
and my treat bag is in my hand.

Soon it will be dark enough
to head out and have some fun,
going from door to door
getting candy by the ton.

There will be witches, ghosts and goblins,
princesses and dragons too.
You will hear laughter and screaming,
trick-or-treat! and BOO!!!

Then we'll head home when we're tired,
and spill our candy out on the floor.
sorting and trading and eating
until our tummies are sore.

Someday we'll all be parents;
with little trick-or-treaters of our own.
We'll take them out in their costumes,
and marvel at how the years have flown.

The memories will always be with us
no matter how many years fly.
And we'll relive them each October
when Autumn leaves go swirling by.

||©Susan Orloski - All Rights Reserved||

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