I didn't ask to be a princess
but if the crown fits, wear it.

I find it fits me, oh so well
it does, it does, I swear it!

I feel so special all day long
as I flit from room to room.

With my crown upon my head
there is sunshine instead of gloom.

I cannot be bothered with housework
or other such tedious tasks ...

Instead I find myself eating bonbons
and sipping champagne from silver flasks.

I saunter outdoors so that people
may see me in my glorious array ...

I wave at them while wearing a smile
and I tell them to have a magical day!

You may think I am being silly
wearing a crown and acting like a queen.

But if you give it a try one day,
you will see exactly what I mean.

||Silly Poem ©Susan Orloski - June 2008||
(ALL Rights Reserved)



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