On This Day

The bugle has sounded, its notes drift away,
this time now belongs to you.

On this day for one brief moment,
hear the silence fill the air.
Think of those who walked beside us,
now no longer there.

Then donít cry but hear their laughter,
for their spirit lives inside.
Let that mystic stream of memíry
fill our hearts with pride!

Make us humble, make us knowing,
and accepting what is done.
On this day for now, forever,
make this nation one!

On this day for all the fallen,
make this nation one!

||Charles Strouse, 2003||
2003 Helene Blue Musique LTD

Charles Strouse, award-winning composer of Annie and Bye Bye Birdie,
composed this anthem expressly for the Commissionís National Moment
of Remembrance. It is an inspiring song that celebrates the lives of
Americaís fallen.
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