There is an old belief that the stars shining in the night sky are the spirits of those who have died.

They have shed their earthly bodies and exchanged them for bodies made of light; thousands upon thousands of our dear departed loved ones all promoted to glory in the night sky.

There is another saying that the brightest flame burns the shortest. You were the brightest star in my own universe.

While I burn on, my flame dimmed by grief and despair at your passing, the stars are watching me.

They are too far away for me to touch, just as you have gone somewhere I cannot follow until my own star-time comes.

They cannot be held close for comfort, just as I can no longer hold you close, though I held you close to comfort you in your final hours.

We were together for such a short time, but the stars will burn forever.

One day when my own star-time comes, my spirit will soar into the sky to burn with all those who have gone before me.

On the inky cloth of space we will be reunited in constellations of joy.

Until then, my flame burns low and dim and cold without you.

Through my tears I look upwards to see if you are watching me and what do I see...?

There is a new star shining in the sky tonight.

Written by Sarah Hartwell
She has relinquished her copyright
so that it may be freely distributed.

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