No one told me
about the sense of wonder
I would experience
as I felt the little life
inside me move and grow.

No one told me told me
that I would become
fiercely protective
of this little life,
that I would lay down
my own life
to protect my child,
that I would become
keenly aware of
the movements and
motives of strangers.

No one told me
that I would
see my husband
in a new light,
that a new bond
would be forged
with this special man
in my life,
that no other
experience can match,
that I would
feel so warm inside
as I watch him play
or hold his children.

No one told me
that a little body
could sit still
for so long
trying to figure out
how fingers snap,
that little eyes
see rainbows, seeds
and tadpoles
for the fascinating
works of nature
that they are.

No one told me
to pay close attention,
that children
really do grow up
too fast,
that there's only
one first time
for everything
and when time
has gone by,
you can't get it back.

||Karen W. Morgan||

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