Nearly three years have passed,
I miss you still.
I loved you from the start
and I always will.

When I look at your picture
down my face rolls a tear,
I think of you often
I wish you were here.

I can't believe
how much time has gone by.
I've accepted that you're gone
but I still don't know why.
You were my golden-eyed baby girl,
the light of my life.
The pain I felt when I lost you
can still hurt my heart like a knife.

You didn't even make it
to your fifth birthday.
It was much too soon to have lost you
is all I can say.

My memories of you,
the way that we cared;
are in my heart forever,
with the love that we shared.

||Susan Orloski - April, 2004||
(All Rights Reserved)

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