The favorite place for my kitty to be
is in the kitchen, "helping" me.
She loves to park in her favorite spot
on the kitchen counter, she's there a lot.

She sprawls on a kitchen towel
with her cat food dish nearby.
A container of fresh cat grass
is never far from her eye.

She watches me as I fix dinner,
she is as content as she can be.
She listens to every word I say
and sometimes meows to answer me.

I miss her when she's not there,
I enjoy her company while I cook.
She is such a big part of my life
and reads me like a book.

Other people might think it strange
or even completely wrong
to give a cat the run of the house
but they'd enjoy it too, before very long.

My cat is as necessary to life
as breathing or sleeping or eating.
She graces me with her presense
and keeps my heart purr-fectly beating.

||Susan Orloski - All Rights Reserved||

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