Another long day at the office,
at the door the same scene meets my gaze;
toys strewn about, the dishes undone...
I guess it's been one of those days.

"Hey honey, I wish you had been here
When Michael got hurt and was sad.
And I'm sorry the house is so messy;
I got busy just being a Dad."

I'm tired of doing the laundry
each night when I'd rather just rest,
and lay in the arms of the man that I love...
..but whose housekeeping skills aren't the best.

"I can't wait to tell you the latest,
oh, I'm sorry the kitchen looks bad...
But we chased trains today and time got away,
I was busy just being a Dad."

When I married my husband I knew Mr. Clean
wasn't part of his family tree.
I didn't see then a less obvious trait,
just what a fine Dad he would be.

I'm learning to live with the clutter
and the love and the joy that we've had.
From a son who is lucky to live with a man
Who is busy just being a Dad.

||Ginny Linehan||

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