If I didn't have kitties, my life would have:

No sweet faces to greet me when I get home from work, always eager
to say hello and present their face for a kitty scratching or a tummy for
a belly rub, just what I need; right when I need it, every time.

A computer desk that would be inconsolably bare, no matter how much stuff
was on it, if there were not one or two cats lounging on it too.

A computer screen that would be missing the obstructed view that would
be presented by a kitty contentedly sleeping in front of it, how sad would that be?

How large and lonely would my bed be if it did not have my cats
cuddled just so against me and upon my pillow?

Without cat hair about, there would just be dust bunnies, no substitute
for the silky soft, sweet smelling fur that my kitties are cloaked in.

And without kitty toys strewn about, there would just be empty spaces
missing the laughter and joy that those toys bring when used by me and my
girls in enchanting games.

How lonely my lap would be if it did not have a purring, curled up kitty
upon it? Sleeping, and yet, every so often, tilting her head up to me to exchange
kitty kisses.

What kind of life indeed? I don't ever want to know!

||©Susan Orloski (All Rights Reserved)||

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