Do Mornings!

I DON'T do mornings
is what my cat seems to say,
when morning rolls around
and it's time to start our day.

She's all comfy and cozy
snuggled up next to me,
silky, warm and purring;
with nowhere special she has to be.
I DON'T Do Mornings!
||Susan Orloski - April, 2004||
(All Rights Reserved)

She has no time clock to punch,
no errands around town to run,
no chores or 'to do' list waiting,
no need to rise before the sun.

Her day stretches in front of her,
to be filled with naps and such.
She leaves the busy work to me
and doesn't seem to mind it much.

As long as I'm not gone too long;
she might need me for this or that.
She likes me at her beck and call...
such is the life of my CAT!

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