From the Heart PostCards - Haunted House 2 (Poem)

The creepy old house is haunted
you ask me how I know...
it's because of the scary way it looks
and the gravestones out back, all in a row.

Sometimes you can hear a moaning sound,
it starts out soft and low...
but the later it gets, the louder it gets,
and my fear begins to grow.

Most of the time I ignore it,
and take the long way around...
so that I don't have to see it
and hear the screams and shrieking sounds.

But once again it is Halloween night,
and past the spooky place I must go...
I can't suppress a shiver,
as my dread begins to grow.

The full moon casts an eerie glow
upon the house and trees all around...
I do my best to sneak past the place
without making a single sound.

Is that a witch I saw glide by?
Is that a ghost in the window I see?
The skin is prickling on my neck...
What is that I feel touching me?

I close my eyes as I begin to run
as fast as fast can be.
I don't slow down until I'm home safe,
that old house doesn't scare me!

||Susan Orloski - 2002 (All Rights Reserved)||

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