Don't grow too old for birthdays,
and fun things you used to do.
Don't give up your dreams because
you feel they won't come true.
Don't forget the sound of laughter,
or the love in someone's eyes.
Don't trade memories for pleasures,
all that in a moment dies.

Don't give up your zest for living,
saying you are much too old.
Is this what you feel, or is it
something that you've been told?
There's a valley deep within us,
where there is eternal Spring.
Where there is no sound of sorrow,
and the birds forever sing.

Though your gait is not as steady now,
as once it used to be.
And your vision's clouding over,
things you used to clearly see.
Do not let the weight of decades,
turn you into bitter gall.
For with age there comes a wisdom,
that's a blessing to us all.

Hold your years up like a banner,
wave it brightly in the sun.
When folks tell you life is over,
tell them it has just begun.
Loneliness can never touch you,
if you don't allow it to.
And in sharing love with others,
God will give it back to you!

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