You know how it is with chocolate,
one piece simply won't do.
It's that way with cats,
having one, makes you want two.

They are there if ever you need them
dieting, guy troubles or stress.
They provide instant relief...
and they are fat free, no less.

Perhaps you'll have a favorite;
they come in every color and size.
Siamese, tortie, grey or white,
all with the most striking eyes.

Tabbies, persians, orange, black,
(and you will never put one back!)
Long haired, short haired, in-between,
purring, soft and always clean.

And then before you know it,
your heart will surely melt.
A life-long friend and companion
is what you have been dealt.

They will share your life,
make it rich beyond compare,
(and they never touch chocolate,)
so you won't have to share.

You can have cats and chocolate too,
what girl could ask for more?
So curl up with some of both
and live happily, evermore!

||Susan Orloski - 2004||
(All Rights Reserved)

Images ©Rebecca Kramer
(Used With Permission)
Visit her website for more
of her wonderful art or ...
Buy her art on t-shirts, etc.

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