I started out with ONE kitty,
I couldn't resist her face.
Then, I realized she had a sister,
and there were TWO kitties at my place.

A friend had to move away,
and her kitty couldn't go.
So, of course, I took her in;
and I had THREE cats, wouldn't you know.

Numbers FOUR and FIVE
were orphaned one day.
I added them to our family
and watched them all at play.

Little number SIX
showed up at our door.
I saw no harm in another,
but weakly said, "No more!"

What would you have done,
if number SEVEN was left one night?
Part of an abandoned litter,
EIGHT, NINE, TEN...I didn't put up a fight.

We were a growing family,
but how much bigger...?
A tiny little lost kitty,
I named number ELEVEN Tigger.

The last two to join us,
numbers TWELVE and THIRTEEN;
were Christmas gifts from Santa.
Meet Sara and Eileen.

I love them all dearly.
They each own my heart.
Who would have ever expected
THIRTEEN kitties at the start?

Each one has a name,
you've met Tigger, Sara and Eileen.
Now meet Tara, Patches, Whiskers,
Topaz, Zesty and Irene.

Over here are the rest
of my little family.
Bootsie, Kira, Laura,
and the littlest one, Misty.

Every life should have NINE cats,
sometimes even more than that.
The joy they bring is endless,
so open your heart and home to a CAT.

||Susan Orloski - 2002||
(All Rights Reserved)

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