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It was a cold and windy night
when I heard a little cry
coming from an alley way
and I had to see just why.

I saw a tiny kitten
as black as she could be,
with just a little orange spot
so I named her Halloween.

I put her in my pocket
to try to keep her warm .
I could tell that she'd been out there
just weathering the storm.

I nursed her and I cared for her
and she grew up like a queen.
She took the whole house over...
anything for Halloween.

She has her catnip toys around
and a bed of fancy lace.
She has such pretty golden eyes
and a sweet look on her face.

She always sleeps right next to me.
Yeah, we make quite a team.
And now she owns the family...
anything for Halloween.

Now when witches fly upon their brooms
and ghosts come out and scream;
as we hand out the treats, I say,
"Here's to Halloween!"

Copyright 1996 by E. V. Hall
All Rights Reserved
No part of this poem may be
reproduced or used in any way
without the prior written permission
of Elaine Hall - (Used with permission)

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