This is the tag you will be making ...


Open the bubbles in Animation Shop, put the mask
in your masks folder, and open everything else in psp.
font of choice (I used LHF Scriptana, a paid font.)

This tutorial assumes a good working knowledge of psp, as basic steps will not be included.

Open a new image 600 x 600, with a white background.
Copy and paste the stars background image as a new layer.
Apply the mask and merge group.
Copy and paste the yellow stars as a new layer and position as desired.
Do the same with the fence, witches, moon, bat and the tiny pail.
Add your name, and any text on new layers.
Add drop shadows to each layer as you like.
Merge visible, copy and paste as a new image in AS.
Duplicate to 4 total layers.
Copy and paste the bubbles into your image.
Set the speed to 23.

Check the animation and if it looks the way you want save it and show it off!
I would love to see the results!

Here is another tag I did using a Suzanne Woolcott girl


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