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It@lian Editor's Effetto Fantasma filter
Bar Slats | Tube and font of choice

This tutorial illustrates one way to make a plaid tagback or background tile.
(There is more than one way to do so using Paint Shop Pro, this is one of them.)

Open your tube and the slat, and put the filter in your plugins folder.
Open a new transparent image 600 x 600, we will resize later.
Flood fill with white if desired.

Copy and paste slat on a new layer.

Choose 2 or more colors from your tube and alternate
filling slats with those colors. Select slats
by using magic wand and hold down the shift key to select
more than one slat at a time to fill with color.

If you are using a colorful tube, you can even add a couple
of slats. (Example, for 5 colors, 2 slats of each color,
alternating, you would add 2 extra slats You can do this by
using the selection tool, set to rectangle, and select the number of slats
you want to copy and then paste them on one end of the slats.)

After flood filling the slats, select all and float. Then apply
the Effetto Fantasma filter. Play with the settings, each plaid
will be unique, based on your choice of colors and settings.
(You can try 12 and 12 or 29 and 29, but feel free to experiment.)

When you are happy with the result, select none and duplicate the
slats layer and then rotate the duplicated layer 90 degrees.
Then lower the opacity of the duplicated layer (top layer) until
you see a plaid that you like. (Try 50%).
Then close all layers except the two slat layers and merge visible.

If there are any parts of the plaid you have made
you want to delete, use the selection tool again and select
the part you want to keep, then choose invert selection and delete.

If you wish to enlarge your plaid, resize bicubic, perhaps 125%.
(Do not put a check in resize all layers.)

Now you should have something like this:

If you have not done so already,
save your work in progress as a .psp file.

Add a drop shadow to the plaid layer if desired.
(I used 1 1 70 5 and a dark color from my tube.)
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, position and add a drop shadow.
(I used the same color as before and 0 2 70 10 this time.)

Then add your text, name, copyright information, and watermark.
Merge all, resize (bicubic) if needed. (Check mark in all layers),
and crop, merge all, flatten, and save.

Show off your new tag!

Here are more examples of tags from this tutorial:
(Click on them to see full size.)

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This tutorial was written April 29, 2005 and is Qwho
contact: qwho@fromtheheartpostcards.com

Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidence.
Do NOT copy or forward or script without written permission.
You may print out for your own use.
(Please link to the tut if you use this tutorial in groups.)

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