(It's All) In the Bag
Quickie Tagtorial

I was asked to write this tagtorial and after some
recent gentle prodding, (thanks Cat!) lol, here it is!

The supply zip is HERE.

It contains a variety of bags for you to decorate. I have supplied nothing else.
(Please do not use the bags in other tutorials or copy my concept.)

The whole idea is for you to get creative and design your own one-of-a-kind bag.
Colorize 'em, add a pattern, the sky is the limit!

(I have included examples of a bunch of bags I have done below.)

Open your bag of choice in psp and customize it to your liking.
Add any desired text, any necessary copyright info and your name.

Show off your new bag!

Any questions?
Contact: qwho@fromtheheartpostcards.com

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Here are more of the bags I have created.
The first six were made May, 2009.

This tutorial was written April 26, 2010 and is Qwho.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Do NOT copy, translate, forward or script without written permission.
You may print out for your own use.
(Please link to the tut if you use this tutorial in groups.)

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