InspirAtion Quickie Tagtorial

Tube of choice, font of choice, I used la carte (a payfer).
The frame, the mask and the cameo charm are in the supply zip.
The wordart, ribbon and butterfly come from the payfer kit
Lost in Your Dream by Elodie, available HERE
(of course you can use your own similar supplies if you wish)
The photo effex scanlines filter was used, but there are several filters
that do a similar effect, and in psp you can use blinds.

Open a new image 600 x 600 (you can resize later.)
Copy and paste the frame as a new layer, add your tube(s)
and position as you wish. Colorize (255 0) to make black
and white if desired. Open a new layer below the frame layer and
draw a rectangle a bit larger than the inside edges of the
frame and fill with a light shade of gray (I used e7e7e7)
apply the photo effex scanline filter (settings: 1 2 20 10)
and then invert selection and delete any parts of your tube(s)
that are outside of the selection. Deselect.

On a new layer at the bottom of your layers, paste a paper, or floodfill
with a complimentary color from your tube and apply the mask and
merge group. Copy and paste the word art, the ribbon and the
charm, etc. and position as desired, add dropshadows, your name, any
necessary copyright information, crop and save.

Here is another tag I made while writing this tutorial.

Any questions?

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This tutorial was written March 22, 2010 and is Qwho.
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