Paint Shop Pro (30 day free trial)
My Slats (lots to choose from)
Tube and font of choice
NO outside filters are used!

Let's get started!

Open your tube and the slats.
Open a new transparent image 500 x 500,
we will resize later.
Flood fill with white if desired.

Copy and paste slat as a new layer.
(Choose the rectangle or rounded edge
slats from the zip.)

Select an area from your tube using your
selection tool (rectangle) that you want to
use as your fill for your slats. Copy and
paste the selection as a new image
and select none.

Back to the slats, select all, float, modify
expand by one. Flood fill with your pattern you
made earlier with a selection from your tube.

You do this by going to your materials palette
and setting background/fill to pattern, and then
clicking on the window to open the material
properties window, click on the current pattern
and then find the one you made and select it.

Here you may want to experiment a bit. If you
don't like how your slats look filled, undo and
try making your pattern seamless. I do this by
going to effects/image effects/seamless tiling.
I don't use any one method for making my tile
seamless, I experiment to find the one that keeps
it looking most like the original pattern. You
can choose one of the three options: horizontal,
vertical or bidirectional and for each one try
edge, corner and mirror until you find a seamless
pattern you are satisfied with. Put a check in show
original to see how the pattern looked before and
take it out to see how it looks with the options you
have chosen. When you find one you like, say ok.

(You may, of course, use any number of outside filters
to make a seamless tile as well, but I prefer using
the method I outlined above.)

Select none. Add a drop shadow if desired to the
slats layer. (I used 1 1 70 5 black.)

New layer. Select an area in the middle of your slats
using your selection tool, still set to rectangle,
carefully, to be sure you stay just at the top and
bottom edges of the slats. See example below.

Floodfill with white or a color from your tube,
lower opacity to around 50%.

New layer. Make a narrow selection, again using the
selection tool set at rectangle, just to the left
of the lowered opacity layer. Fill with same or
complimentary color, use inner bevel (bevel #2,
width 10, smoothness 25, depth 7, ambience
-20, shininess 35, color white, angle 135, intensity
35, elevation 60.) Add a drop shadow of 1 1 70 5 black,
deselect. Duplicate this layer, mirror and position
along the right edge of lowered opacity layer.

Now you should have something like this:

If you have not done so already,
save your work in progress as a .psp file.

Copy your tube and paste as a new layer and position it.
Add a drop shadow. (I used 2 2 70 10 black.)

Then add your name, copyright information, and watermark.
Merge visible, resize (bicubic) as desired. (Check mark in all layers),
and crop, merge all, flatten, and save.

Show off your new tag!

Here are more examples of tags from this tutorial:
(Click on them to see full size.)


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This tutorial was written May 11, 2005 and is Qwho

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