I used the licensed art of PinUpToons
You can purchase yours here: CILM
or use an image or images of your choice.
This tut requires a good working knowledge of psp.

The zip (the thermometer, already animated for you) is HERE
(right click, save target as)
(Please do NOT use the thermometer in other tutorials)
font(s) of choice (I used a pay font, Sneakers Ultra Wide
and Constantia, a free font.)

Open the thermometer in Animation Shop, (It has 7 layers).
Set your animation speed, I used 150, 22, 22, 22, 22, 4, 300.)
Too fast and the thermometer will not look like the temperature is climbing,
too slow and you risk no one knowing it is an animated tag, lol!
(You can do Ctrl+A, then right click and choose animation properties,
to give all the frames a white background if you like.)

In Paint Shop, open your tube(s) of choice, add drop shadows as desired,
add your name and any copyright info as well as
the temps to add to the left of the thermometer.
I used Constantia for this as I liked the numerals (and using the character map,
(start, programs, accessories, system tools) it included the degree symbol.
(Many other fonts do as well.)

Once you have everything as you want it, take it to AS.
Use whatever method you wish, there are many ways to accomplish this.
(A couple of ways: copy and paste directly from psp to AS, seperately or merged,
or save as a psp file and open in AS).
Once you are there, just add the elements to your thermometer.
Run the animtion to see if you are happy with it and then crop and save.

I would love to see the results!

Here is another tag I made while writing the tutorial.

Any questions?
Contact: qwho@fromtheheartpostcards.com

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This tutorial was written June 07, 2009 and is Qwho.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Do NOT copy, translate, forward or script without written permission.
You may print out for your own use.
(Please link to the tut if you use this tutorial in groups.)

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