I used the licensed art of Suzanne Woolcott
You can purchase her art here: Artistic Minds, Inc.
or use a tube of your choice.

The MyPod used in this tutorial is HERE
Do NOT use the MyPod in any other tutorials or share with others.
Instead, send them here to do my tutorial, please!
(I did all of the animating)
fonts and mask of choice
(I used bon jovi and ld scratch fonts)

This tutorial assumes a good working knowledge of psp, as basic steps will not be included.

Open the my pod in psp so you can figure out the placement of your tube, text etc.
shift+d to copy it and close the original. If you wish to use brushes or a mask as the background
for your tag, do that now. I used a musical note background and a mask. Add any text you wish,
your name, copyright info ect. Don't forget any dropshadows you may wish to add. (If you add
one to the my pod, be sure and add the same one to all six layers.)

There are several ways to assemble this, I did it in Animation Shop in this manner.
I saved my file as a .psp file and opened it in AS. You will see all your layers
(background, text, etc. plus the six layers of the my pod.)

Open a new image in AS, 600 x 600, white background and duplicate it until you have six frames,
and then copy the background image only, and propogate paste it onto the white canvas.
(Make sure you have the propogate paste button selected in AS for this to work.)
Select all 6 frames of the my pod animation, copy and ctrl a+e to paste it onto your background image.
Add your name, tube, any text etc. one layer at a time on to the tag in the same way.
I used a frame speed of 70.

Check the animation and if it looks the way you want save it and show it off!
I would love to see the results!

Contact: qwho@fromtheheartpostcards.com

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This tutorial was written October 05, 2007 and is Qwho.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidence.
Do NOT copy, translate, forward or script without written permission.
You may print out for your own use.
(Please link to the tut if you use this tutorial in groups.)

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