I used the licensed art of Suzanne Woolcott
You can purchase here art here: H E R E
or use images of your choice.
This tut requires a good working knowledge of psp.

The phone is HERE
(do NOT use in other tutorials)
font of choice (I used snow blind)

Open the phone image in psp.

Choose your images, 6 - 8 is a good amount to use.
Size them to fit in the phone window.
I did this by copying and pasting the images as new layers under the phone layer in
psp and then resized each one until I was happy with the view thru the phone window.
Then, I selected an area a bit larger than the window , inverted and deleted on each
image layer to remove the unneeded parts of the images.
Then I closed the phone layer and saved the images as a .psp
file and opened it in animation shop.

Back in psp, I added my text to the phone as well as my name and copyright information.

Then I applied the cutout effect (offset vert. and horiz. 2, opacity 50, blur 3
shadow black, don't fill interior with color) and then a drop shadow
(offset vert. and horiz. 1, opacity 40, blur 2, white)

Merge visible on the phone and text layers, copy and paste into AS.

Open a new image 240 x 500 in AS and duplicate to match
the number of images you are using.
Copy and paste the images onto the new canvas.
Copy and paste the phone next, being careful of your placement
so that your images show thru the phone window. Set your frame speed.
(I used 100), Check your animation and save.

I would love to see the results!

Here is another tag I made.

Any questions?
Contact: qwho@fromtheheartpostcards.com

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This tutorial was written October 19, 2007 and is Qwho.
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