The kleenex box from the tut is not to be used in any other tutorial!

I used the wonderful art of Suzanne Woolcott
You can purchase here art here: H E R E
or use a tube of your choice.
This tut requires a good working knowledge of psp.

Tutorial supplies are HERE

Open a transparent canvas 600 x 600 (you can resize later)
and floodfill with white if you wish.

Copy and paste the dotted paper as a new layer. Duplicate.
Resize the top layer of dotted paper to your liking, sharpen and
colorize as necessary to match your tube. Colorize the bottom dotted
paper layer but do not resize. Apply the mask included in the tut supplies.
Add a border around the smaller dotted paper layer if you wish.

Open the tissue box, duplicate it and close the original. Colorize as
desired. Add any embellishments to the box that you wish. You can do this
by using your magic wand to select one or both transparent panels and
pasting into selection or by floodfilling the selections with color or
by pasting an image as a new layer under the selection and then removing
any that is outside the selection by inverting and deleting. Add a dropshadow
to the box. If your kleenex box has more than one layer, merge visible and then
copy and paste onto your original canvas. If you have not already done so,
save your work in progress.

Add your tube, the flower and bee trail if you wish or any other embellishements.
Add your text, any copyright information required, save and go show off your new tag!
(I would love to see it too!)

Here is another result from the tutorial that I made while writing this.


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This tutorial was written May 28, 2007 and is Qwho
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