Control Freak Scrap Tutorial


Paint Shop Pro (30 day free trial)
Supplies | Tube and font of choice

You can find the scrap kit used in
this tutorial HERE - Thanks Anita!
Please visit her blog for other GREAT scrap freebies!

(I used a pay font, Cougar and the licensed art of Suzanne Woolcott.
You can purchase her art here: H E R E)

This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowledge
of paint shop and will not go into great detail on how to do basic steps.

Open the zip of supplies and open the quick page,
stripes and dots in paint shop.
Put the texture (pink089), in your textures folder.
Open your tube as well.

Open a new transparent image 600 x 600, we will resize later.
Flood fill with white if desired.

Copy and paste quick page as a new layer and close original.
Open a new layer and slide below quickpage layer.

Choose the stripes pattern and floodfill this new layer,
duplicate it and rotate 90 degrees, lower opacity to 50%,
close all open layers except these two and merge visible.
Apply the texture, and sharpen once or twice as desired.

Open the closed layers, and with the quick page layer selected,
use your magic wand to select the inside of the oval, modify, expand
by 8, invert, select the merged plaid layer and hit delete once.
Select none.

Add any borders you desire to the quickpage layer.
I added a thin black border, followed by a bigger border
in a complimentary color, and then another in black.

Open a new layer and position between the plaid layer and the quick page layer.
Add your tube here, resize as needed, add a drop shadow if you wish.

All that is left to do is add any text, your name, the dots,
if you like, and copyright info.
(If you used a Suzanne Woolcott tube, you add
©Suzanne Woolcott and your ami
license number.)

If you have not done so already,
save your work in progress as a .psp file.

Now you are ready to merge visible (except for the bottom white layer),
crop and resize as desired and take to Animation Shop.
Duplicate your tag so that you have 20 layers total.
Open the bee animation in Animation Shop as well.

With the bee selected, choose ctrl+a to select all, ctrl+c to copy,
and ctrl+e on your tag to paste the bee to the exact spot you wish.
It will be placed in every frame when you release the mouse.
(Be sure you have progagate/paste selected in Animation Shop.)
I used a frame speed of 10 for the first 14 frames
and 25 for frames 15 thru 20.

Leave your new tag with a transparent background if you did not
add a drop shadow to the edges of your tag.
If you did, add a white background, and save as a .gif file.

Show off your new tag!

Any questions? Contact me HERE

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This tutorial was written May 14, 2007 and is ©Qwho

Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidence.
Do NOT copy, translate, forward or script without written permission.
You may print out for your own use.
(Please link to the tut if you use this tutorial in groups.)

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