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The Duke
~ 1907 - 1979 ~

The man; a mountain, with a voice like thunder.
Yet a smile and a glance that would make you wonder.
The walk, unbridled, like a wave a mile high,
a man among men, let no one ever deny.
His presence, undeniable. His charm, disarming.
The power he could wield with a word was alarming.

From Ireland to the plains, Germany to the sea,
from the helm of a ship, or atop a great steed.
The screen was his canvas and the world was his paint,
he mirrored our lives from sinner to saint.
And we watched him in awe, this great bear of a man,
capturing our attention like no one else can...

His soul has crossed over, his body turned to ashes,
but his visage can be seen with each day that passes.
His work playing daily wherever you may turn,
his memory, a flame that will eternally burn.
The strength, the courage, his destiny no fluke,
for the one, the only, the man called "The Duke."

||Brian Cross||

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