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At A Glance

 Birthday February (2001)
 Appearance Silver with golden eyes
 Main nickname Baby Angel
 Meaning of Name She is elegant and has beautiful gold eyes, and so, Topaz (a golden gem) suited her
 Favorite foods Fancy Feast seafood flavors, tuna, yogurt
 Favorite thing to do Playing with string or catching/chasing a tinsel ball
 Favorite saying It's not the size of the cat in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the cat  
 Favorite treat Catnip!
 Favorite sleeping spots   Boxes, baskets
 Favorite time of day Lunchtime!
 Favorite day Sunday (tuna day)
 Best Friend Zesty

In Depth

Topaz was born in February, 2001. She was adopted from the Humane Society in Tucson, Arizona in late July, when she was five months old.

She is a very intelligent cat, that understands most any words or 'suggestions' [never commands] directed her way.

Besides Baby Angel, she answers to a host of nicknames, including Topey, Pumbaa, Ham, and many more. My description of her is: "A rare, exotic, spotted, ring-tailed snow leopard."

Some of her favorite pastimes are: playing, napping, eating, following her family around and inspecting meals. She likes knowing everyone's business. Her favorite games include chasing a string in circles around someone on their knees on the floor and catching small tinsel pompoms tossed to her. She makes acrobatic leaps to catch them, sometimes batting them back to the thrower and loves chasing them down when thrown but will never retrieve them. She is the most playful cat that has ever owned me. She is always up for a game and will ask you to play if you don't invite her first. She is prone to mad dashes through the house.

She doesn't like 'people food' much, occasionally sampling a potato chip, french fry or cheese doodle. She doesn't like meat, but will accept a piece of cheddar cheese or bacon if the mood strikes her. She likes her dry cat food (three different kinds) and asks for canned food daily (Fancy Feast seafood flavors only!) around 11:00 am. She also adores yogurt. She drinks lots of water and will ask for the sink to be turned on so she can drink from it often. She nudged me to remind me that her absolute favorite is canned tuna in water, drained.

She gets along well with her 'little sister' Zesty, two months her junior and adopted on the same day from the Humane Society. However she 'owns' nine year old Shadow, a big grey boy that weighs 16 pounds. (She weighs 9 pounds and is full grown.) She pesters him when ever she is bored or scared or for seemingly no reason at all. She does not hurt him but swats at him, tussles with him and screams the whole time like he is beating her up. She keeps the dog in line too when she goes outside. She drinks from his water dish, won't let him near it while she is outside and vaults herself at him if he gets too close to her. He is about 60 pounds and part Chow, but as her favorite saying shows, size is not important in her eyes.

Topaz adores catnip sprayed on her toys but did not seem terribly impressed with fresh catnip in a pot from a pet store. She likes to lay in sunbeams and roll back and forth over and over, (roly-poly we call it). She has also taken a liking to playing in the plastic grocery bags after a shopping trip and likes to bat an inflated balloon around. She is not phased in the least if it suddenly pops after contact with her claws. She loves sleeping in boxes and plastic baskets, and enjoys it whenever a new one is presented to her.

She is not a lap cat, but has learned to love being stroked and will allow herself to be held and loves sleeping cuddled up close at night in the water bed, especially in the winter. She has an amazing propensity for being underfoot suddenly and thus occasionally is stepped on, but accepts apologies with equanimity.

She almost never cries. Only occasionally when she wants to play very badly and when lunchtime has come and gone and she feels the need to point it out. She has an unusual sound, not at all a meow, but more of a mrow sound. She will stretch to her full (tiny) length whilst scratching my jean leg and lets out her small mrow...it never fails to fetch her her meal in short order.

She looks like an angel while sleeping and purrs loudly when she is happy. For the longest time after she came to live with us she did not cry at all, but would purr the moment she saw someone. She may have been abused early in life as she appears to be missing the tip of an ear and her tail seems shorter than it should be and does not taper at the end like most cat's tails. She could not jump when we first brought her home, but would instead lean over with her front paws until gravity would take over and she would land on the floor. She is now a confident, graceful leaper. Her back feet seem to be slightly turned in, making her walk in a very ladylike manner. She is perfect in my eyes.

She will come most any time she is called after an 'appropriate' interval. She hates to get her tiny feet wet and will walk like her feet hurt if they do contact water. She rarely fails to greet returning family members at the door when they arrive home.

Shortly before we brought her home, we unexpectedly lost our golden eyed baby girl, Misty, not long before her fifth birthday. I had raised her from one week old when she had been found abandoned, and my heart was broken. Misty was grey and white with gold eyes. My last comment before we entered the room at the Humane Society to view the cats was, "No grey cats with gold eyes." Upon entering the room, the first cat I saw was Topaz, all silver with lovely gold eyes, and I was smitten. Topaz has done much to mend my heart and she makes me laugh every day with her darling ways.

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